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Current Offers


  • September Special

    Make an appointment in September and receive 20% off your first infusion

    Bring a friend and you both enjoy 25% off

    We have 4 chairs available in the infusion room so bring your neighbors too!

  • Xeomin Special

    $12 per unit (normally $13), with an additional $50 off for every 50 units purchased

    Most treatments require 40-60 units. So for a treatment needing 50 units, the Xeomin Special price would be $550 instead of the normal $650.

  • Filler

    $50 off each syringe

    Normal pricing prior to any discount is around $650-$750 per syringe, depending on the type used


Buy a series of infusions or injections and save!

  • 10% off a series of 5
  • 15% off a series of 10
  • 20% off a series of 15

Referral Program

We appreciate you telling your friends about us! If you refer a friend, they will get an automatic 10% off their first visit on all services they receive. You will also get a credit for the amount of savings they received. Refer multiple friends and you can earn huge savings!

Note that the Referral Program pertains to new clients only and do not apply to mobile services.