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Your Journey to Optimal Health

The journey to optimal health is a personal one and part of your overall lifestyle. Optimal health is also more than the absence of disease and stress; it means flourishing both physically and mentally. The Vital Elements provides evidenced-based therapies for health solutions. We are here to educate, assist, and support you in achieving your health goals, no matter what stage you are at in your journey. Whether you are looking for immune support, enhanced sports performance, or help coping with age-related mental and physical changes, we have individualized treatments for you.

Current Specials

Make an appointment in September and receive 20% off your first infusion! Bring a friend and you both enjoy 25% off! We have 4 chairs available in the infusion room so bring your neighbors too!

Featured Resource

Modern medicine has forever preached that diet and exercise are vital to overall health and wellness. It is true that these things are imperative, but unfortunately for many, they have proven to not be enough.


Fullscript offers an enormous selection of top quality supplements. The Vital Elements is thrilled to be working with this resource and to be able to provide a discount of 15% on orders placed through our Fullscript store.

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We appreciate you telling your friends about us! To show our appreciation, we offer you and your friends the potential for significant savings!